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Enhance Well-Being at work

Help your team develop their emotional inteligence. Book your first day session for your team and learn how to minimise conflict, maximise efficiency and feel energised at work



Well being in the workplace:


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Day seminars: from £500

1/2 day seminars: from £300



Learn simple exercises to:


Access situations clearly with emotional balance

Develop sensitivity to conflict

Deal with conflict efficiently

Be aware of team members needs

Step out of 'draining' and into ' energised ' situations

Feel ‘alive' and engaged through out the day


"A sense of calm came across the room as Chris started our session. I certainly felt like stress had drained away and more energetic"


Lara Hampton, Director of Girls' Games, Rugby School


Ongoing seminars:


Delelop self awareness

'Release' old tensions that hold you back

Develop energy resiliance