Christopher Shaw is an inspirational and engaging teacher. He provides training for a range of organisations and teaches wellbeing and inner development courses in Cumbria.


Read what participants of Christopher's seminars have said


"I'm loving the course..truly awakening, I feel better physically than I have for a long time"

Sarah, Keswick

"I wasn't sure what Qigong was when I signed up for the course. But I know that I like it and I definitely enjoyed meeting my dragon, in fact he's still with me at times. Thank you for creating such a brilliant group, it feels quite special"

Henri, Keswick


"Wonderful day, feel thoroughly relaxed. I will definitely be putting these activities into practice"

C. Kyle, High Wycombe


"Enjoyed the day, felt calm and relaxed.  Importantly felt all stress leaving my body - will use these techniques on a regular basis" 

Jo Robertson, Teacher, High Wycombe


“Everybody was really pleased they had signed up and really enjoyed themselves”

Huw Powell, Deputy Head at St Thomas Moor School, Crewe 


"A very enjoyable, useful and worthwhile session with lots of practical ideas to use. Thank you"

Teacher, Abbey School, Daventry


"Throughout felt warmer and more quiet and peaceful"

C. Hobson, Whiteheath Education Centre


"Very relaxing experience" G. Gillet, Abbey School, Daventry


"A sense of calm came across the room as Chris started our session. He made the movements straightforward with his clear demonstrations and descriptions.  By the end of the session, I certainly felt like stress had drained away and more energetic"

Lara Hampton, Director of Girls' Games, Rugby School


 “The Tai Chi Well Being session at our school was a successful event. Staff enjoyed the session and talked about it for days after”

Angela Banner, Headteacher, Broadfield Specialist School


"Lovely day, great introduction for me, want to learn more. Chris - very warm, friendly with a good sense of humour, many thanks" Kay McMahone


"Really enjoyed the day. Thanks Chris" K. Nahal


"I did not like the idea of the movements associated with a martial art but was suprised how invigorating they were! It was a great weekend...thanks very much" E.S. Blaney


"Thoroughly enjoyed day - great tutor, very friendly & relaxed class" A Barker


"Very good workshop, wonderfully taught and explained. Will definitely attend again. Thank you." Sarah Swindlehurst


"Really energising and relaxing, had a lovely warm internal glow by the end of the day. Learned a lot about keeping centred and where my movement comes from. Individual help was appreciated. Thank you" Jacqui Hogan


"Chris's instruction was very clear and informative. The stages of the course worked together really well so by the end we felt confident doing the form. An excellent course!" Charlotte Coope


"Thank you! I really enjoyed the session which had a fantastic pace - a lot of learning in a very relaxed class atmosphere. I have taken a lot away that has given fresh perspective to my regular class" Kate Surry


"Really enjoyed the challenge of movement awareness and self. Many thanks" Anita Ogilvie


"I enjoyed this very much: excellent pace and content, very clear instruction and an inspiration to continue exploring Chi Kung. I will certainly return to further events by Chris" Joan Harrison


"An excellent instruction. A lot of fun, and I now have the confidence to begin my own practice: before today I felt quite unsure what to do. Thank you Chris!" Magnus George


"Chris is a remarkable teacher who inspires you empathically to have the courage to both learn the 'technical actions' (knowledge) but more importantly to go beyond technique & to discover the true essence of the 'form' within yourself; the prerequisite for meaningful practice in life."

Steve Mitchell. Project Director of Pathfinder Studio


''Increase in energy, strength and flexibility and very relaxing" Elaine Oxley