Schools and Young People

Christopher has worked with a number of Primary, Secondary and SEN schools. A programme is tailored to suit the need of the school or youth group. Christopher creates a safe and disciplined environment in which children and young people can develop themselves, strengthen their bodies and increase their emotional balance.

Inset Days for Staff?

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Classes (Children)

Shake, Slap and Stretch
A breakfast club class, students and teachers engage their minds and bodys, ready themselves to get the most out of their day.

Afterschool Clubs and Youth Clubs - Tai Chi and Kung Fu

Special Needs - Classical Tai Chi Chuan classes moulded to suit needs and abilities. Learn how to move like a tiger and stand like an eagle!

Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties - Learn to focus the mind and body, to relax, address anger and move on. All aspects of Martial, Health and Meditative arts taught


What are the benefits ?

Connecting mind and body

Tai Chi practice teaches the connection between body and mind, children will actively work to reduce emotional and physical tensions in themselves using traditional Chinese health and martial arts exercises.  Practitioners often feel less weighed down and more buoyant after practice. 

Personal growth

When calm, healthy and happy, people feel able to make positive choices governing their lives.  Tai Chi practitioners find they have greater time for self reflection and lead less stressful lives. 

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