Energy Healing

Christopher Shaw is a sensitive and skilled Qigong Healer. Qigong Healing works by gently releasing your energetic tensions and allowing enhanced energy flow, assisting your body’s ability to heal.



Qigong Healing

Available in Ulverston, Cumbria.


What is Qigong Healing?

Qigong Healing is a therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, like Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage.

A Qigong therapist uses universal energy and their intention to release energetic blockages within the patients energy system, this is a non invasive and safe treatment given without the need to touch the patient and is given while the patent is fully clothed and either sitting or lying down.


More energy

A Qigong Therapist releases stale energy; emotional and physical tension within the body, and allows enhanced flow of the patients existing energy. With increased flow of energy comes enhanced functionality of the body’s organs and systems.


What is it used for?

Physical issues: Long standing problems like lower back pain, joints.
Emotional issues: Anxiety, stress, sadness etc.
Issues of the spirit: Lack of motivation, lack of clarity of purpose.


The benefits

Subtle and gentle yet profound.
Increased energy flow in the body.
Feel lighter and less weighed down.
Feel more energised, calmer and greater clarity of mind.
Non invasive: No needles, physical manipulation of tender areas, fully clothed.


What can I expect?

During the sessions you may experience hot or cold or tingling sensations, you may feel light or heavy, after the session you may be feeling both profoundly calm and pleasantly energised. With the release of deep energetic blockages, you may experience old emotions as they are dissolved, these are not new experiences but from the past and on the way out of your system.



£40 / hour session

£210 / six hour sessions (paid in advance)


Consulting Rooms: Christopher uses therapy rooms at the Medicine Garden in Ulverston.