6 Week Qigong Course Cumbria

Christopher Shaw is an inspirational and engaging teacher of Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung Fu. He teaches regular classes in Cumbria; Kendal, Dalton in Furness and Ulverston and is available for private tuition.




A 6 Week Introductory Course in:

Qigong: Bringing light to our inner being

With Chris Shaw


Course starts: Monday 5th September 2016

Course ends: Monday 3rd October 2016


(also monthly session in Kendal)


The aim of Qigong, from a Taoist perspective, is to refine ones physical, emotional and spiritual energy. To become all one can be.

The aim of the course this Autumn is to start that process, to give people the opportunity to connect into and develop their internal energy.

Participants will develop a deepened connected awareness through physical and meditational Qigong practices.

The course will be a great introduction for newbies, a good opportunity to develop an existing practice, and a lot of fun at times too.

15 Hours of Qigong Tuition and Practice

Course limited to 12 people


Times: 18:30 - 21:00 (Including tea and biscuits)

Venue: The Owl Barn, Back Lane, Ulverston LA12 7EP Google Map

Cost: £80 (Payable in advance to secure a place)


Course outline:

1. Dao Yin (Taoist Yoga) - Moving meditations to wake up the body, clear blockages and aid energy circulation



2. Micro-cosmic Orbit and 8 Paths Meditation - Guiding light energy around the body's main channels.


3. 5 Elements - Connecting to 5 aspects of our selves through visualisation, sound and movement.


Christopher teaches weekly classes in Cumbria, the classes are suitable for all. Beginners and experienced practitioners are catered for and will gain a great deal from these absorbing and rewarding classes.

Benefits: Relaxation, stress reduction, increased mobility, emotional stability, flexibility, personal development, increased health and wellbeing.

Christopher is also available for one-to-one instruction Ulverston.